Let’s meet! WooCommerce talk too.

Hi there!

Our first meetup is planned! Woohoo!
We even have a guest speaker on our first meeting! 
Let’s introduce Job:

“Job is the only Belgian in the WooCommerce team at Automattic. He leads one of the WooCommerce support teams. He’s been working with WordPress for about 10 years, and mostly enjoys just breaking things in order to learn. Since 2013, he’s been living in Cape Town, but misses West-Vleteren 12 and Belgian mayo a lot.”

His talk will be “Setting up shop with WooCommerce in 15 minutes (or less)“. There will be time for a Q&A afterwards.

If someone else wants to join and be our second talk of the evening, please contact me.

After the meeting, if interested, there’s a local café in the same building for our ‘afterparty’.


By car
There is a parking lot just 5 minutes away from the venue. Located at “Leemput 22, 8900 IEPER “. Park your car and walk under the railroads and you end up at the front of the station. From there it’s just straight to the biggest building you see.

Here’s the short URL to see it on Google Maps: http://bit.ly/2px9YK5

By train:
Step off the train and follow the same route as above. It’s just 2 minutes away from the station. Lovely isn’t it?

Also, follow https://wpieper.be.

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