Joint Meetup with PHP Antwerp at Nucleus

In September WordPress Meetup Antwerp will be joining forces with PHP Antwerp, another fine meetup group in the city of Antwerp. Be there!


19:00 – Doors
20:00 – Start


OO programming and MVC in Custom WordPress Plugins by Sebastian Kurzynowski

WordPress has a very bad reputation within a large part of the PHP community. On the other hand, WordPress has many powerful features you can use for your website or platform.To extend or add functionality, you build your custom plugin. There are many ways to organise your code. We make use of Object Oriented programming and the MVC pattern. Let’s bring together the power of WordPress and the advantages of OO and MVC.

Speaker: Sebastian Kurzynowski is on of the backend developers at AppSaloon. He develops tailor-made integrations and functionalities for multiple clients.

Length: 45min

Parcify, the evolution from our PHP monolith to event-driven webservices by Tim Haselaars

Tells the story how we moved the Parcify platform from a PHP monolith to PHP event-driven web services. Shares our development insights and experiences that came with a rapidly evolving and changing product. How we tried to keep the PHP code stable and scalable while we went from idea to prototype to MVP to platform with challenges like a changing organization, changing product features, changing technology and changing architecture.

Speaker: Tim Haselaars was the “Head of Technology” since the birth of the Antwerp start-up Parcify (with investments by Bpost). He has a track record mostly as a Technical Product Manager / Scrum master with a passion for music, web technology and micro services.

Length: 45min

The announcement from PHP Antwerp:
pls only RSVP to one of both announcements

ps, there will be sandwiches!

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